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Career Counseling

  • Graduates seeking their first job
  • Leaders wanting individualized development
  • Individuals in transition and/or changing careers
  • Those returning to the workforce after an abscence

Robin Stein Rodin, has a successful track record of guiding and coaching many individuals in their job search process, mostly as favors for friends and business associates. Robin recognizes the growing demand for successful job search strategies and that is why she has launched a Five Step Process to help her clients distinguish themselves in the employment market. She is providing a highly targeted approach so that the client will learn the skill; practice it in real situations; and then debrief during a follow–up coaching conversation.

In that respect, her value is similar to that of a sports coach. Sports coaches provide direction, strategy, support and challenge to their players.....the players have to implement their learning’s in order to win the game. Coaches don't win the game for their players. Similarly, Robin trains, coaches, and motivates her clients and provides them with the knowledge and skills they need to distinguish them from their competition, conduct a successful job search and win the interviews (and hopefully, the job).

THE FIVE STEP PROCESS: (A Customized Approach Based on Client Needs):

  1. EXPLORATION: Understanding their talents, Interests and style.
  2. COMMUNICATION: Branding and Positioning. How one describes their value proposition in about 30-60 seconds.
  3. CONNECTION: Tapping into their network and building professional relationships which will lead them to opportunities and open positions.
  4. DIFFERENTIATION: Preparing for the interview to generate positive first impressions, questions to ask, and follow-up strategies. Developing a confident and authentic interview style.
  5. ASSIMILATION: Understanding the new work culture and ensuring that one is clear about performance measure, and developing relationships with co-workers.