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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a proactive process of development specifically designed for those executives looking to build on their current stable of leadership competencies and performance skills. The program is characterized by a systematic process of assessment, development planning and discussions around real time business issues. Executive Coaching assists the participant in (a) identifying and building on leadership and management strengths and (b) addressing those workplace behaviors that may be limiting professional effectiveness and work performance.

Executive Coaching Is Needed When:

  • Senior management wants to offer an external coaching vehicle as a way to support a participant’s continued development as a leader
  • An executive needs to increase interpersonal and organizational awareness and savvy
  • To support an executive who may not be maximally effective due to being overly aggressive and/or driving for results without regard for key stakeholder relationships

Potential Outcomes Include:

  • Create new insights for a participant about his/her leadership style, interpersonal skills and executive thinking patterns which leads to enhanced effectiveness
  • Develop new competencies and skills that will enhance the participant’s capacity for personal and organizational productivity
  • Help participants to identify and change any ineffective and inappropriate behaviors that may be "blind spots"
  • Create a system for sustained behavior change over the long term
  • Provide ongoing support for a valued executive who needs to modify and improve his or her working relationships with subordinates, peers and/or supervisors.

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Types Of Coaching Services

  • New Leader Transition: One-on-one coaching using well-established processes to accelerate an executive’s transition into a new leadership role.
  • Developmental: One-on-one coaching for the continuing development of "hi-potential" and best leaders. This allows the executive to "take stock" of his/her core leadership strengths and gaps and then leverage the strengths and minimize the identified deficits. Or for those executives with “mission critical” assignments” where their company is looking to offer all support possible to maximize the executive’s chances for delivering a successful outcome.
  • "Technical Experts As Manager:" One-on-one coaching for those executives who have excelled as individual contributors and then been promoted to the managerial ranks based on those contributions.
  • Derailment Risks: One-on-one coaching that is individually tailored for those valued executives who have been strong individual contributors but, due to gap’s in people management skills, have found themselves at risk for career derailment
  • Career Management And Reappraisal: One-on-one coaching for executives wanting an outside perspective as they consider next career steps and associated "skilling" needs.

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