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Leadership and Team Development

  • New Team Start UP: Facilitation programs that allow teams to review history, clarify vision, strategy, roles and responsibilities, set objectives and establish rules of engagement for ongoing initiatives.
  • Change Mastery: Design of processes, tools and techniques for driving large scale leadership and culture change initiatives through organizations.
  • Group And Team Awareness Programs: Programs designed for groups or teams required to work closely together on key initiatives. MBTI is used as a platform for increasing individual and group awareness in areas such as work, communication, leadership and conflict management style.
  • Quick Hits: Two-four hour learning events for intact teams that focuses on critical leadership or business topics. Team members discuss and apply concepts that are relevant to their individual jobs and team objectives. These standard topics are customized so that they are highly relevant to your organization’s culture and needs. Quick Hits include:
    • Finding the Right Mentor For you
    • Leadership and Team Development
    • Building Partnerships With Your Clients
    • Tapping Into Your Talents
    • Welcome To Changeville
    • Leading Effective Performance Discussions
    • Coaching For Results
    • Additional Programs designed and customized upon request.
  • Talent Management Strategy: Comprehensive strategies and processes to ensure that top talent are developed and are placed in the critical positions, and, that, quality of candor and conversation among executive teams are greatly improved
  • Women’s Leadership Initiatives: Strategies and programs to improve retention and enhance engagement among women at all levels of your organization.
  • Mentoring: Programs and tools to enhance and accelerate the development of new and emerging leaders.

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