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Why Individuals Chose to Partner with The Rodin Group


"Robin makes you step back and take that critical look at yourself, finding your strengths and passions, and identifying areas that may need improvement or a different approach, in order to help you get to the next level."

Marketing Director

"Robin asks pointed, direct questions—doesn’t mince words, cuts right to the core of what I should be working on,"

SR VP Business Development

"She is right to the point and asks great questions."

Marketing VP

"She nails the issue and does not let me get a way with anything. She provides me with tools, models, and direct feedback. Allows me to draw what is already inside to achieve many discoveries."

Product Director

"I realized I was making up a number of stories in my head that prevented me from asking for what I wanted. Robin made me realize this and as a result my self discovery enabled me to ask for and get that promotion."

Non-Profit Executive

"Robin identified "spot on" my source of anxiety and discomfort. This made me realize that I had to adjust my actions in the new work environment."

Medical Director

"Robin’s expertise has guided me to question my career journey which has given me greater insight."

Non – Profit Executive

"I hear Robin’s voice in my head when I go to practice what we have discussed. . I feel so energized after our sessions."

Finance Director

"I've had first hand experience working with Robin on a wide range of initiatives where HR consulting and experience were crucial. From building and implementing competency models, to driving significant change programs, to establishing a world class women's leadership initiative, to coaching and counseling senior leaders, Robin works with business leaders to drive excellence. Her grasp of what leadership truly means, her objectivity and her willingness to 'role up her sleeves' have been extremely valuable to me."

Sr. VP Marketing and Commercial Services

"I had the pleasure of working with Robin on her very successful initiative to develop women leaders. Robin is extremely knowledgeable in the leadership development and OD arena, a visionary, and overall was a pleasure to partner with on this program. Further, I also had the opportunity to have Robin as my coach. This was during a time of career development and transformation for me. Robin provided support, inspiration, and most importantly, led me through the process of self-discovery. As a result, I was able to focus on the "here and now", develop my career plans, and most importantly, use the tools Robin taught me to see things from different perspectives. I am grateful to Robin for her coaching, our work together to develop women leaders, and will always consider Robin as a mentor."

Data Sourcing Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

"Robin's insights helped me identify the actions I needed to take to achieve my career goals, as well as the actions I was taking that were holding me back. I have had many, many leadership and management training classes throughout my career, so I was a bit skeptical about what I would gain from the coaching process. Robin was able to quickly move from theory to reality and her coaching helped me focus my energy on issues I could control, and letting go of those that I could not."

Communications Director

"Robin has provided trusted advice in my career development and I'm fortunate that I have had the opportunity to work with and get to know her. She is a welcome and needed voice in broad ranging circumstances and conversations. Her expertise and knowledge in the sales and leadership development program mPWR10 will certainly guide future clients to identify and focus on their career and personal goals. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking assistance in personal development."

Manager in Transition

"I really found working with Robin very valuable and probably one of the most eye-opening experiences of my career. Robin consistently gave balanced feedback in a way that made me feel she was genuinely interested in helping me grow. Indeed, I grew throughout our sessions because our discussions were always productive and thought-provoking. She challenged me when I needed it and helped me recognize my achievements when appropriate. Robin did not serve up platitudes to pump up my ego; she gave me direct feedback so I could adjust my perspective and become the leader I wanted to be. I am still a work in progress, but in working with Robin, I do things differently because I now think differently,"

HR Director, Electronics Company

"Robin is great to work with! She is really got me to think about what I wanted to gain from my career and what the best steps were to get me there. Robin was always willing to work on the things that I thought would be helpful in my job search and after only a few sessions, I gained skills and felt confident in myself. Robin is easy to talk to and always a pleasure to spend time with. Not only did we talk through different aspects of my job search process, but she always had hand-outs for everything that I use constantly. Her sessions are not "Cookie-cutter" and she was always willing to work on different things as needed, including how to network and preparing a mock interview geared toward my career. I use the skills I gained from our sessions all the time and really value the time Robin took with me in my professional and personal development..."

Labor Attorney

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